All of my creative endeavors feature strong clear visuals. Whether I’m designing a signage package for a client or composing a painting, I start by asking: What is the viewer looking for? How are we telling the story? Are we using design, text, and color to convey a simple message or to reveal something more nuanced? In a world of information overload, how can we communicate more simply and beautifully?

With a  BFA in Illustration and Design from Philadelphia College of Art (now The University of the Arts) I spent time as a freelance illustrator, and eventually moved into sign design. After several years managing the signage division for Charrette Corporation, I went on to work for SignWorks Group, Inc., as a designer and project manager. In 2005, I left SignWorks Group to form Nyberg Design, which provides design services to the industry and individual clients. With more than twenty years of experience in architectural signage, I successfully work with local, national and international clients on a wide variety of projects.

I have also exhibited and sold my photography, created and co-authored a successful local food blog, and written food columns for The Boston Globe.

In 2015 I returned to freelance illustration and oil painting. In August of 2018 The Marblehead Arts Association hosted my solo exhibition Modern Moonlight.

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