Many thanks to all who came out to Modern Moonlight, my solo exhibition at the Marblehead Arts Association in August. The MAA experienced a record turnout the night of the opening, and most of the paintings sold within the first week! I am very humbled and incredibly grateful. Click through the image below for more info on the show.

As a graphic designer and photographer, I have spent many years in the digital arena, using computers to create and process imagery. As digital imagery became ubiquitous, I felt a strong pull to return to creating art by hand. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook…people are pumping photographic images into the world at a blinding pace. Click, post, move on. In contrast, painting a subject is a meditation on it—it’s my way of saying ‘Here, this is worthwhile to consider. Take a moment and just look.’  

Many of my oil paintings explore how elements from the past enhance the spaces we inhabit in the present and the different meanings they hold for the community. These images of neon signs in the Boston area are created not only to memorialize the past but to speak to the current Instagram age and suggest that the visual input of our surroundings goes beyond ephemeral.

The samples below are cropped – click to see the full image.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in seeing any of these pieces in person or discussing pricing.