Hops Illustration, Edible Pioneer Valley

Project Description

The editor of Edible Pioneer Valley, Mary Reilly, needed a drawing of some hop vines and a cross section to accompany the magazine article, and she didn’t have much time. Luckily, she knew exactly what she wanted and even sent along some source photos to help with the layout. I sent her a quick pencil sketch for approvals and completed the final drawing in pen and watercolor.  Mary then added the text before publication.

Project Details

Client Edible Pioneer Valley
Date Winter 2016 Edition
Skills Illustration, Magazine Illustration

One of the things I like best about doing varied projects is learning about the subject. Don’t think there is any beer making in my future, but I learned a whole lot about growing hops in the process and this was a fun one to put together.

“I hired Kristen to produce an illustration for a story in our winter issue. She did an amazing job checking in with me to make sure the drawing fit into our layout technically and artistically. The result was a gorgeous drawing––even better than I had hoped––that fit our look and feel and helped tell our story. “

Mary Reilly

Editor, Edible Pioneer Valley